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Why You Should Try Sovrin Extracts

Many things can lead us up to important decisions in life. Decisions such as financing a car, which phone plan to go with, whether you should go with Apple or PC; voices inside our heads asking “is it a good choice” or “am I paying too much” can make us hesitant on making what would otherwise be a good decision. Similar to making a decision for consumer goods, such can be the process for picking out cannabis extracts too.

With so many options in your typical brick and mortar head shop these days, picking out a good pack of marijuana extracts may not be as simple as some of us might think. Simply going for the most expensive, or the option with most flavours, may not be in your best interest. So where should you start?

Your Highness Premium Concentrates

The Brand from Westcoast Canada

Allow us to intervene! Of all the options available on the market, Sovrin Extracts, one of the household names of Westcoast Canada, offers many benefits that other brands may not have.

As a manufacturer selling to only a few local stores and select online dispensaries, Sovrin Extracts is a brand trusted by many cannabis veterans for its quality and value for money. Their focus of crafting the purest and smoothest marijuana extracts available on the Canadian market is evident in the quality of their product, consistently throughout every cartridge, pack of shatter, and dab sauce they make.

Sovrin Extracts and Its Many Flavours

Unlike other manufacturers who fill their product lineup with all kinds of crazy flavours, Sovrin Extracts insists on using only flavours that can be found in nature, eliminating the need of any excessive artificial ingredients. If you’re ever on the search for some shatter that won’t harm your lungs at the same time of use, Sovrin is one of your best bets.

Choose from signature cannabis strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purp, and enjoy a dab of old-school flavours without all the artificial additives.

Sovrin Extract’s Perfect Value Proposition

While $40 for a gram of shatter isn’t anything out of the ordinary, there’s more than that meets the eye. Unlike other big brand shatters, Sovrin distills the extract with 100% pure cannabis, and removes all fat and wax from the product before carefully placing it into the package. The result is a dream-like piece of the purest and cleanest THC, ready to be dabbed by the casual smoker or a connoisseur.

Buy Sovrin Extracts Shatter Online

If all this has convinced you to give Sovrin Extracts’ shatter a try, we know a perfect place to get it from. Your Highness carries over 100+ cannabis products and have been serving Canadians quality marijuana goods for many, many years. Alongside Sovrin, we also recommend you try Diamond Shatter, or High Voltage if you’re looking to dab with sauce instead of shatter.

Should you have any questions about Sovrin Extracts, or shatter in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re always happy to answer any question you may have.